Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gavin's 1st Birthday and Party!

On Friday, March 1st, my baby boy turned 1! To celebrate this wonderful day, Keith, Gavin, my sis Lauren, nephew Joe, and I headed to the Charleston Aquarium. Gavin loved all of the fish and had a really good time smushing his face against all of the tanks. :)

Then on Saturday (3/2), we had our family and friends over for Gavin's birthday party! I started planning his party right after Christmas, so come March everything was done! We had a great time celebrating with everyone and I know that Gav enjoyed himself.

Adult and Kiddo Favors

Yummy Food

The Cake

Table and Front Porch

Food Table with 12 Month Banner

Once all of our guests arrived, everyone ate and socialized.

Then we opened presents!

(I love this last picture! :))

And finally, we sang happy birthday and ate cake! 

The party was a major success, and I am extremely thankful for this amazing first year with my first born. He is an incredible little guy and I'm so happy that God blessed us with him! :)


Lauren said...

his cake is adorable! & I love his sweet little tie for the cake pictures!

Callie Nicole said...

How fun, and I love his cake!

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