Thursday, March 14, 2013

The City

In September 2011, a few months before Gavin was born, Keith and I booked a babymoon to NYC. We purchased plane tickets, booked our bed and breakfast, and had everything planned. Due to a change in heart, we cancelled our trip. I was so bummed out, but I knew it was right decision. Fast forward a year and a half later and we're back to planning a trip to New York City. Except this time, it's really happening! 

On Thursday, April 4th, Keith, Gavin, and I are boarding a non-stop flight to The Big Apple! :) We'll land at 8:00am and aren't coming back to South Carolina until Sunday afternoon. We've got our plane tickets and hotel booked, Keith's vacation time has been approved, and we even purchased tickets to....a Yankees/Red Sox GAME! Going to this game knocks #24 off my 30 Before 30 list. While there, I'll also be conquering #23 - Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and #16 - Have Breakfast at Tiffany's! :) 

We are all so excited about this trip, as it is much needed and well deserved. Keith has been working so hard at his job and is such an excellent provider, and he deserves a break from it all and to go on vacation. As for me, I think my 24/7 gig as a mom earns me a vacation. ;) Additionally, it's going to be a celebration trip. Between our 3 year anniversary on March 7th, me finishing up my undergraduate studies, and this being our last vacation with Gavin as an only child, we have every reason to celebrate!

And while Gavin is coming along, we're not worried that this will feel more like work. I hate to brag or sound annoying, but he's such a great kid and has never given us trouble on past trips. We feel blessed to experience NYC with our son and are looking forward to making memories. This will be G's first time on a plane, but we're hoping for the best. 

The countdown is on, and we've officially got 21 days until our trip, and I can't wait!

NYC Friends/Friends who've visited: Any advice on the best shoes to wear?


Lindsay @ LindsayInNYC said...

How exciting!! We'll be in MI that weekend for a wedding otherwise I'd suggest meeting up! =/

As for shoes, it really depends on how walking you're use to and how much you will be doing. I can manage in flip flops during the summer but don't do heels almost ever. Flat boots would work. And you never go wrong with sneakers!

Lauren said...

so happy for you! We've went to NYC a few years ago for our 1 year anniversary & it was an amazing trip...I would definitely just recommend dressing comfortably! Comfy shoes were my best friend!

Chelsie said...

that's so exciting! We've always wanted to go to NY together. Hopefully one of these days. Can't wait to hear about it. Have fun!

Brooke said...

My dream is to visit NYC! Picked you up on IG can't wait to follow along!

Al said...

YAY!!! So excited for you! I absolutely adore the city! Have a wonderful time, gorgeous girl!

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