Monday, June 2, 2014


Where do I even begin? My last post was written back in February and recapped my experience with the LSAT. Fast forward to May and I've received my LSAT score, applied to law schools, and have heard back from all but one law school. I am beyond excited to share that I've been accepted!!!! I applied to 9 schools, and was accepted at 4, waitlisted at 2, rejected at 2, and have yet to hear back from one. 

Y'all. I didn't even think I'd get in! My whole life I never thought that I was good enough or smart enough...or really just enough. The enemy has tried and succeed in allowing me to doubt myself and had me believing that I could never accomplish something like this. But my God is greater than that. He has used people and stories to direct me towards this calling, and I am so incredibly thankful for this opportunity.

I have to be honest though. I still have days of doubt. Days when fear creeps in and I being to question everything. Can I actually do this? How will I manage motherhood and law school? What the heck am I thinking starting law school? Those days are awful and dark, but they always come to an end. And after those days, I always have more confirmation and peace that I am doing exactly what I am called to do. God is going to work out the details, and I'm going to continue being passionate about fighting injustices. 

If you are at a crossroads right now,  whether big or small, I'd like to encourage you to dream big. Don't choose a path because it's easier, or because it's the comfortable choice. Don't avoid a goal because you believe that you could never accomplish it. My favorite movie and one of my all time favorite quotes comes from Jimmy Dougan (Tom Hanks). "It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great." 

Law school is definitely going to be hard, but I accept the challenge. I'm excited for this new chapter, and am just beyond proud of myself for never, ever giving up. 

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Lauren said...

Congrats girl! What an exciting accomplishment for you...and just another reminder that with God, we are always ENOUGH!!

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