Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Little Vulnerable

*Imported from A Lindsey Christmas Story*

This time around I’m hoping to write on a more consistent basis. Instead of treating this blog like a highlight reel and only writing about the happiest of topics, I’m choosing to be a little vulnerable. While I love social media, that’s exactly what it is — a highlight reel. My Facebook and Instagram pages are full of great moments, subtle complaining, snippets of things I’m passionate about, and mostly pictures. All that’s great, but life is more complicated than that.
While I respect that most issues should be kept private and one should not air their dirty laundry in public, I fear that keeping completely quiet is creating more problems in the long run. Holding everything inside and pretending like life is perfect is incredibly exhausting. My toddlers are amazing, I adore my husband, and am thankful for this life, but sometimes things are crazy and overwhelming. I rarely discuss the latter because I don’t want to come across as miserable or ungrateful…but you know what? It’s okay to talk about real life. Real life is messy and complicated and beautiful. We all struggle in one way or another, and I hope that by sharing a little of my personal struggles it will help others, and build new (and strengthen old) relationships.

Please keep this in mind when reading future posts. I understand that I’ll likely be criticized and judged, hopefully not too harshly, but I’d like to believe what others think of me isn’t my business. (Although, I do care a little, so please be nice.)

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