Monday, September 14, 2015


*Imported from A Lindsey Christmas Story*

Last night I did something completely outside of my comfort zone – I left my babies at home (with my sister) and drove to a restaurant I’ve never been to attend a beginners Italian language class! Okay maybe it’s not THAT shocking since anyone who truly knows me knows that I’m absolutely obsessed with all things Italian, however the part about actually showing up and trying something new is. 
I’m a massive planner, but unfortunately I’m horrible at seeing those plans come to life. Maybe I’m too ambitious, or ADD, but it’s hard for me to see a task from start to finish. I RSVP’d for this six week class a few weeks ago and had hoped that I’d actually attend. I’ve always wanted to learn Italian, and have some crazy dreams about branching my business out (more on that later), but there’s something so incredibly intimidating about meeting new people and making new friends.
But last night was different.
I showed up and had a great time! I met a sweet woman who is taking a trip to Italy in November, and we bonded over Under the Tuscan Sun and our mutual adoration for Italia. My teachers are awesome and very good at what they do, and this language class is only the beginning. There are gatherings at local restaurants, wine tastings, cooking classes, Italian-language speaking events, and so much more…all in Charleston!
I am so happy to have joined this community of Charlestonians that love Italy and feel the same as I do. I don’t know when I’ll finally make it to Italy, but when I do, I’ll be ready.

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